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The premium software that allows you to deposit a check via FAX from the convenience of your own home or office! 

Where Remote Deposit is Remote!

EFT Network’s FAXTellerPLUS is a fax-based remote deposit capture solution that substitutes a standard fax machine for those expensive desktop check scanners. This patented technology, the first of its kind, is a new way for your business banking customers and consumers with low check volume to participate in Remote Deposit Capture by using a standard fax machine.

No Check Scanner Needed

Don’t worry about paying for expensive check scanners or check stock, just fax the check image and let FaxTeller take care of the rest.

Global Access

Use FaxTeller from anywhere in the world. Even Antarctica! No internet access required to send a FaxTellerPlus Check.


Patented Technology

Rest assured that FaxTellerPlus is the only solution to have a patent on the technology that allows you to deposit a check by Fax Machine.

How Does It Work?

EFT Network has designed check carriers, transparent plastic sleeves with three pockets. Checks are placed inside the check carrier pockets and then faxed to EFT Network’s dedicated fax number.

Don’t Waste Money on Scanners or Devices

If your business accepts a low volume of
checks that the cost of a desktop scanner and/or internet service cannot be justified, FAXTellerPLUS is the solution for you! You can eliminate expensive desktop scanners and use a fax machine to deposit checks with your depository bank. It’s that Simple!

FAXTellerPLUS is designed for businesses of every size & type who need a quick solution to depositing checks remotely without the need for expensive equipment.











Depositing Checks Without Internet Connection or Data Entry

FaxTellerPlus allows you to deposit checks even when the internet is out.

"We have saved a lot of employee hours by skipping the trip to the bank for the weekly batch of checks that we send through FaxTellerPlus."

– Kurt Najork, President
Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley

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